Saturday, 5 November 2011

OPI Ranbow Connection vs Milani Gems and NYX Girls Carnival

There is a very clear winner out of these three!

NYX Girls Carnival

OPI Rainbow Connection

Milani Gems

On the nail after a day of wear - no top coat
Thumb and index NYX Carnival, middle Milani Gems, Ring and pinky OPI Rainbow Connection all one coat over black

Rainbow Connection was definately the best for me! Application was easiest as the brush was big enough to do only a couple of brushstrokes, and since there was so much glitter it made it easier with the big brush. It dried fastest and didn't chip, i did a full mani with it and it held up well. Carnival was my least fave, the clear base with the glitter doesn't dry quickly and was dentable for a long time, the brush was smaller which is fine for a creme but not this glitter, it was a bit difficult. The glitter was most sparse in carnival and didn't last as well for me when i did a full mani with it, I had to take it off pretty quickly. Gems was 2nd best, it dried well and didn't last as long as long as the OPI but went on easy enough and had a good amount of glitter :)

This is when I tried Carnival over OPI Yo-ga ta get this Blue, I like it, it just took too long to dry. But I guess that is what fast dry top coats are for :)

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