Monday, 7 November 2011

ORLY Royal Navy

ORLY Royal Navy is a must have :) I love how super bright it is, it gets so many compliments! It wasn't fully opaque on me after 3 coats so next time I would wear a nail foundation. The only problem I had was the tiny blue glitter settles in areas of the bottle and is very hard to get it to move from there, so there wasn't much that came out. I shaked and shaked and left it for a bit but didn't want to move! Did any of you find that? Otherwise it is a top colour and love it :)

Saturday, 5 November 2011

OPI Ranbow Connection vs Milani Gems and NYX Girls Carnival

There is a very clear winner out of these three!

NYX Girls Carnival

OPI Rainbow Connection

Milani Gems

On the nail after a day of wear - no top coat
Thumb and index NYX Carnival, middle Milani Gems, Ring and pinky OPI Rainbow Connection all one coat over black

Rainbow Connection was definately the best for me! Application was easiest as the brush was big enough to do only a couple of brushstrokes, and since there was so much glitter it made it easier with the big brush. It dried fastest and didn't chip, i did a full mani with it and it held up well. Carnival was my least fave, the clear base with the glitter doesn't dry quickly and was dentable for a long time, the brush was smaller which is fine for a creme but not this glitter, it was a bit difficult. The glitter was most sparse in carnival and didn't last as well for me when i did a full mani with it, I had to take it off pretty quickly. Gems was 2nd best, it dried well and didn't last as long as long as the OPI but went on easy enough and had a good amount of glitter :)

This is when I tried Carnival over OPI Yo-ga ta get this Blue, I like it, it just took too long to dry. But I guess that is what fast dry top coats are for :)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

OPI DS Coronation

OPI DS Coronation from the Designer Series is wicked :) I didn't think it would be very holographic, and while it isn't a linear holo it still has a good effect and is noticeable. It has more than just a little scatter to it. It took me 4 coats to get to this opacity, but the formula was very smooth and dried quickly so it was fine. Much like the other DS polishes it lasts very well without chipping. I'm glad I got it :)

China Glaze CG in the City over OPI The Show Must Go On

Above is one coat of China Glaze CG in the City over 2 coats of OPI The Show Must Go On, the CG works great as a top coat. I thought I'd start trying out things to wear for halloween :) The Show Must Go On is a great polish and I've worn it many times, which is special for someone with a lot of nail polish. Though I don't have as many as some of you lucky ones :) It's from last year's OPI Burlesque Collection which is my all time favourite collection so far, and I loved the movie.
Here it is on it's own -

The duochrome is preddy >.< I love it
I tried two coats of the CG and it still looked pretty similar, but it lost the duochrome peeping through so I think one coat is good :)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Zoya Mimi with OPI I Lily Love You

Zoya Mimi is gorgeous :) it reminds me of Sailor Mars. Mimi is from the Zoya Sparkle collection and has to be one of the best from it. It is a bit more warm toned than it shows, it has a near magenta shimmer that runs through it in some lights. It takes 3 coats and dries nicely, but is best to let it dry between coats. Zoya Mimi is what I wanted Orly Out of this World to be :) much brighter, a better shimmer on the nail, and a better formula. I think a coat of OPI I Lily Love You looks great over dark colours, it brings out the colours of the flakes :) It is so hard to remove but I love it!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

OPI Absolutely Alice

OPI Absolutely Alice is perfect >.< that is all you need to know. One of my faves :) this is 2 coats without top coat and it dries nicely. I love the gold glitter amongst the blue it looks beautiful :) the colours of Alice's hair and her dress. It was worth paying more for this one. It looks great in person too, a real compliment maker and I would wear it all the time if I wasn't scared of it running out. Snatch it up if you can find it! From the OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection :)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Orly Goth and Kleancolor Blind Date

This was fun to wear :) Orly Goth is an old fave of mine - a black creme with silver glitter. This is two coats and it dries pretty quickly. I had it on and thought Kleancolor Blind Date might work with it, and I like it. The stars stayed on very well and the clear base it came in dried in average time. It looks uneven in the photos but wasn't noticeable irl. The stars weren't too hard to get out and easy enough to move into place :) some of the stars have imperfections like the silver star on my pinky but it is good for a cheap nail polish, most of them are fine :)

Friday, 9 September 2011

OPI La Paz-itively Hot and Color Club Hot Couture

OPI La Paz-itively Hot is a perfect Barbie pink and a new favourite. Great OPI forumla with 2 coats, This is super pretty and good for super pale people like me. I will wear this again for sure! It has a very slight blue tinted shimmer to it. This reminds me a lot of OPI Pompeii Purple (below) except La Paz-itively Hot is lighter and less magenta in colour and less of a blue flash.

I thought since I was going for a very girlie look I would add Color Club Hot Couture. This is only one coat, it is pretty dense and the colours the glitter reflects are beautiful :) yummy

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Kleancolor Holo Chrome

This is the best $1.75 I have spent in awhile :) I love this. Kleancolor Holo Chrome is amazing, and was definately worth finding. This is 2 coats, and even one coat looked nice - jellyish, but even and a nice colour. The holographic glitter is very vibrant, the colours it reflects makes it stand out, even in quite dim light. I also like how it looks in the shade! My mum thought it looks like water with heaps of tiny air bubbles. This nail polish dries well which I wasn't expecting, lurve it :)