Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nicole by OPI Lets get Star-ted over Revlon Blue Lagoon

I love the colour of Revlon Blue Lagoon - but the formula lets it down. After three coats it was still a bit steaky and uneven, and the dry time wasn't the best. I would recommend taking your time to apply it and wait a few minutes between coats, and use a good base coat. Blue Lagoon has a shot of silver microglitter through it which is very pretty. If anyone knows of a dupe to BL with a better formula please let me know :) I wanted to try Nicole by OPI Lets get Star-ted over top, and it looks very cute. It has iridescent glitter and holographic light purple stars. They don't sit perfectly flat on my fingernails, but where they do sit flat (or on my toes) they last on the nail until taken off with nail polish remover. Otherwise I am too tempted to peel them off :)


A Polished Touch said...

I had the same problem with the Revlon polish. I got it in a 3-pack of Revlon mini's and it was called "Waterfall". Since then they renamed it but didn't do anything else ... like REFORMULATE IT. Gah. It's such a gorgeous polish - it deserves some TLC. Wish I had a dupe to recommend: I'm looking for one myself!

Those stars would have been peeled off within the hour if they were on my nails, lol. I'm a terrible picker of glitters ... *shame* ;)

Ami said...

LOVE THIS! So lovely.

Elizabeth said...

It's such a pretty colour, but yeah, 3 coats and still streaking is just too much, especially from someone like Revlon.

I'll bet those stars are adorable on a pedi! :D

The Sneakerette said...

ahh i totally agree w/you on blue lagoon. i had it for a while but ended up giving it away cause the formula bugged me so bad. i love that star top coat though! i've been into glitters with random shapes as of late (: