Thursday, 14 July 2011

Poison Ivy Nails

Holo and glitter >.< This is Milani 3D Holographic Hi-Tech and NYX Girls Enchanted Forest. I think it was a bit intense for my camera! This is brighter in person and super sparkley. I love it :) it's magical. Enchanted Forest is a glitter in a tinted green base so it makes Hi-Tech a little greener but doesn't take away the holo effect. And here is Hi-Tech on its own..

And those were taken on a rainy day o.O can't wait til Summer to see them shine even more!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! That first manicure is amazing!!! I am in LOVE! Seriously such a good combo!

Jenna said...

Thanks :D it's worth a try if you have similar nail polishes ^^

Haylee said...

That first one is sooooo gorgeous.
I want to get those colors myself! & I don't even like green!

Dolled Up Daily



Jenna said...

Thanks Haylee, I didn;t like greens too much before I put this on either and now I do :D